Tagging is the procedure where a satellite tracking unit is attached to the shark’s dorsal fin. Large shark research scientist, Dr. Jonathan Werry is the original designer and manufacturer of the world’s 1st safe and stressless harness satellite tag system. Dr. Werry observed how other tagging techniques can stress the shark, so he developed this unique harness technique that allows sharks to calmly relax in the specially designed harness next to the side of a boat. This unique world 1st system allows the natural flow of water across the sharks body and gills and has been successfully used for large sharks, including Great Whites, Tigers and Bull sharks.


Conservation: Our research is designed to understand the patterns and drivers of shark movements for informed conservation and management strategies.
Community Benefit: Our research contributes direct benefits to humans by unravelling the factors that lead to hazardous shark-human interactions.



Queensland Large Shark Tagging Program

This program was initiated under the directive of the Queensland Premier Anna Bligh, the Honourable Tim Mulherin MP Minister for Primary Industries, Fisheries and Rural and Regional Queensland... Read more

Queensland Great White Shark Ecology Research Program

The biology, ecology and population characteristics of Great White Sharks (GWS) in Queensland waters are being examined in this program in order to provide recommendations... Read more

Global urban bull shark project

Bull sharks utilise almost all coastal habitats: freshwater, estuarine and nearshore marine waters. Their lifecycle relies on access to all habitats along this continuum... Read more

Coral Sea tiger shark project

The movements of large sharks across the Coral Sea between New Caledonia and The Great Barrier Reef are being monitored using... Read more

Shark Tracks

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